ESG Strategy

Together into a sustainable future!

Sustainable Success

Our ESG Strategy

Environmental Social Governance (ESG) is an integral part of the sustainable corporate management and strategy of aesco SOLUTIONS. ESG stands for sustainable entrepreneurship, being aware and living up to its responsibility for the environmental, social and governance.

At aesco SOLUTIONS, our mission is to lead the group into a future of sustainable success with the help of our ESG strategy. To do so, an ESG materiality analysis has been carried out to identify the most important ESG factors. This outcome are the parameters which help us establishing successful and sustainable organisation in the medium and long term.

As the aesco SOLUTIONS Group, we regularly deal with the identification of other relevant ESG topics in order to continuously develop our sustainability strategy.

Our Focus


  • Efficiency
  • Waste & Packaging
  • Energy efficiency & CO2 emissions


  • Occupational safety
  • Employer attractiveness
  • Product safety & Quality


  • Supply chain
  • Cyber security & Data protection
  • Fair business relations
  • Quality standards & Certifications